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The first step of the project is to plan, plan, plan. We ask questions and help you set priorities. We focus on goals and select tools that make those goals achievable.

Have a budget in mind? Let us know and we can match the goals, tools, and budget that make sense for you. We then create a Website Blueprint that is customized for your organization.Forget estimates - we make promises.


Because we plan your web presence in depth before designing or building anything, your budget is transparent and easy to understand. We track our costs for setting up each tool, so that you have a firm cost for each piece of your site. No fuzzy numbers, no hourly quotes. (Yes, we think this is a good idea too).FaithFirst builds your website using only the tools you need - Customized for each project, it's exactly what's needed and only what's needed.  This reduces costs, because you only pay for the tools you use.


Together we will design the best possible plan within your budget.



After the Blueprint phase is finished, we create a visual representation of your web site called a Design Comp.

Our Creative Team reviews and revises the design until it is spot on to accomplish your goals.Before we get started, we can interview your team to gather branding requirements, creative goals and overall style/concept. That information is compiled into a Creative Brief document which becomes the guidepost for our Creative Team.First we refine our sketches and rough-drafts into a beautiful new homepage design that's ready to preview with you.

We will work together to make sure the homepage sets the standard for the other pages and modules within your site. Once the homepage is approved, we create an interior Style Guide and any specialized layouts. These images will give you an exact view of the look and feel of your web site. Any modifications to design can be taken care of at this step before we build anything.  


You have a plan that makes sense and a design you love. The final step is to make your web presence a reality.Using the blueprint as our guide, we create a website with the tools you selected. As soon as the tools are ready, we provide training so that you can learn to manage your website prior to launch.  FaithFirst  provides free and unlimited training, so that you never have a problem using the tools on your website.The design is brought to life and applied to the framework we have built. Your website is tested, reviewed, and tested again. Once we are sure you'll be happy with our work, we present your new website to you. This phase takes 4 weeks.The FaithFirst  process is the result of over 2 decades of hands-on planning and building websites. We've streamlined the way we builds websites, so that your online presence is built faster, better, and smarter.Learn more about our work and our team.



After testing and review, we present your new website. Upon your approval, your website will be launched, promoted and optimized for search engines such as Google & Yahoo.

A successful launch is just the beginning, we will work with you to create a content marketing strategy that drives leads, converts visitors, and points toward your goals.

Learn more about our Online solutions.If you're ready to give us a call, head on over to the contact page Or, if you're just gathering information, that's ok, too. In that case, we'd recommend that you subscribe to our Blog -- that way you can check out what we have to say over the next few weeks.

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